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Wind ResourceStatistical analysis of wind site data
Wind Energy PrinciplesPhysical Science principles behind wind energy
Blade Design Theory.pptBlade Design Theory
Lamar Wind DataAn Excel file that presents 3 years of various types of wind-related data (2000-2002).
Turbine Energy CalculatorExcel spreadsheet to execute wind turbine calculations.
Wind Turbine IntroductionKatie Johnson introduction talk


Where Can You Obtain Solar RadiationSteve Wilcox links
Solar ResourceSteve Wilcox talk
Solar Thermal Workshop60 min. Solar Thermal Workshop, School of Mines
Energy Demand CalculatorEnergy Demand Calculator
Mauritania PresentationWill - Mauritania Presentation
Principles of PhotovoltaicsSam - Principles of Photovoltaics

Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell AssemblyExplains how to assemble and connect the fuel cell.

Power Up Curriculum

Lesson 2 solutionsolution to Energy Basics - Lesson 2
Student Guide 2007

Assessment Materials

Student Attitude Assessment (Pretest)See what preconceptions your students have about engineering.
Sudent Attitude Assessment (Post)See if the students have changed their view of engineering after working on a unit.
Middle School Content Test 1This test reviews topics such as forces and energy.
Middle School Content Test 2Power Up content test


Cart Ramp KEYSolution to Cart on Ramp activity
Remote Area Renewable EnergyIan Baring-Gould presentation
Energy OverviewDave Munoz Big Picture Presentation
Biomass presentationNancy Dowe (NREL) Biomass presentation